The Story of Antigone

Have you met the new owners? Here is the wonderful video created by Aaron Cargile and Beverly Seckinger from the U.A. Film Department.
Enormous thanks to Aaron and Beverly for their excellent work, generously donated to the cause.


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Made possible with the help of the community, three Antigone employees have successfully become the new owners!

In 1973, three women opened Antigone Books and named the bookstore after the Greek mythological character who stood her ground against male authority figures. Kate Randall and Trudy Mills owned the store for about thirty years. Now, meet the three women who are about to begin writing the next chapter of Antigone Books.

The new owners would like to say a huge Thank You to all who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign.

The Legend of Antigone
Antigone (an-tig'-uh-nee), the devoted daughter of Oedipus, king of Thebes in Greek legend, was also the heroine of one of Sophocles' greatest dramas. According to the legend, when Oedipus blinded himself after his marriage to his mother was revealed to him, Antigone shared her father's exile near Athens. After his death, she returned to Thebes and attempted, with her sister Ismene, to reconcile her quarreling brothers Eteocles and Polynices. Both brothers were killed, but her uncle Creon, now king, forbade the burial of Polynices because he had betrayed Thebes. When Antigone secretly buried her brother against the edict of her uncle, she was walled up alive in a tomb.