George Brookbank

George Brookbank grew up in England where landscaping is a way of life--an environment that cannot fail to shape those who live in it.  Brookbank has spent nearly thirty years in Arizona, first teaching landscape maintenance classes at Arizona Western College in Yuma and then serving as an Extension Agent in Tucson with the University Of Arizona.  He has encouraged people to change their landscapes from conventional "back-east" large lawns and extensive flower beds to more economical desert themes using arid-land trees and shrubs that are irrigated by drip systems and don't need constant trimming and fussing over.
Desert Gardening: Fruits & Vegetables: The Complete Guide Cover Image
ISBN: 9781555610029
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Published: Da Capo Press - April 22nd, 1991

An illustrated guide to growing plentiful fruits and vegetables in the driest of American climates.

Desert Landscaping: How to Start and Maintain a Healthy Landscape in the Southwest Cover Image
ISBN: 9780816512010
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Published: University of Arizona Press - August 1992

George Brookbank has distilled nearly twenty years' experience--as an extension agent in urban horticulture with the University of Arizona-into a practical book that tells how to avoid problems with desert landscaping before they occur and how to correct those that do.

In Part One, "How to Start and Maintain a Desert Landscape," Brookbank provides 28 easy-to-use chapters that address concerns ranging from how to start a wildflower garden to how to cope with Texas root rot.

In Part Two, "A Month-by-Month Maintenance Guide," he offers a handy almanac that tells you what to do and what to watch out for each month of the year, with cross-references to the chapters in Part One.

The Desert Gardener's Calendar: Your Month-by-Month Guide Cover Image
ISBN: 9780816518944
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Published: University of Arizona Press - September 1999

What's the best time to plant or prune?
When should you fertilize fruit trees?
What's the earliest date to set out tomato plants?
Gardeners in the desert Southwest can't rely on books that try to cover the whole country. Summer heat, less rain, and shorter, unreliable growing seasons are important factors in the desert. That's why The Desert Gardener's Calendar can be essential to gardening success.

Whether you're raising vegetables, nursing citrus trees, or just trying to keep your front yard looking its best, you'll find that this handy book gives you a valuable month-by-month perspective on the year. It helps you to focus on necessary activities and reminds you of simple tasks you might overlook. It's especially valuable for people who've moved to the desert regions from other parts of the country and follow old gardening dates that seldom apply to their new home. The Desert Gardener's Calendar is a guide to the maintenance you need to do to keep your garden flourishing and your landscape attractive throughout the year. And because not all deserts are the same, Brookbank is careful to point out differences in scheduling encountered by gardeners in low- and middle-elevation regions in California and the Southwest.

Jardinería desértica: Mes por mes Cover Image
ISBN: 9780816521548
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Published: University of Arizona Press - October 2001