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Unhappy am I, because this has happened to me—Not so, but happy am I, though this has happened to me, because I continue free from pain, neither crushed by the present nor fearing the future. For such a thing as this might have happened to every man; but every man would not have continued free from pain on such an occasion. Why then is that rather a misfortune than this a good fortune? – Book IV, 49.

Literary history and meaning: Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius, is a collection of personal writings, ruminations, and reflections by the second-century Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, composed during his reign from 161 to 180 AD. Though not formally published during his lifetime, these reflections on Stoic philosophy and the nature of existence have since been compiled into one of the most influential works of ancient philosophy. Marcus Aurelius's teachings on living a virtuous life, accepting the inevitable, and finding tranquility amid chaos have transcended time and continue to inspire readers seeking guidance to navigating life's challenges. Its relevance today lies in its timeless wisdom and practical insights into human nature, making it a perennial source of guidance for individuals striving for inner peace and personal growth.