Tambaaku Niyantran Ke Mudde (Paperback)

Tambaaku Niyantran Ke Mudde By Dr Rakesh Gupta Cover Image
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Do you know that 15 lac adults die in India every year due to tobacco epidemic ?

If your answer is "NO", then this book is definitely useful for yourself and for all those who think with positivity about achieving an effective tobacco control in India.

This book informs on issues related to tobacco control such as enforcement, pictorial warnings and plain packaging, advocacy and research, economics of tobacco- taxation, licensing, trade and retail sale, constitution and human rights, youth and adolescents, poverty, farming and environmental pollution along with bitter truths of tobacco industry plus its interference and illegal trade. On this subject, it is the maiden easy-to-understand book in Hindi.

Besides lay public, this book is useful for leaderships in the governance and administration and those managing Education-, Health- and National Tobacco Control Program (NTPC) in addition to all doctors, nurses, counsellors, teachers and students.

In India, 4,000 adults die prematurely due to tobacco-related illnesses. An effective and successful tobacco control can stop this humongous national loss. Our Central and State Governments are working hard with sustainability but now the people should also associate with awareness, promptness and sustainability.

That is why buy, read and gift this book to all those who can play an effective role in tobacco control- netas, administrators, media personnel, doctors and all those whom you think are committed and dedicated to lead a disease-free healthy life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798888054314
Publisher: Notion Press
Publication Date: October 14th, 2022
Pages: 170
Language: Hindi