Dead Babies 3: A Series Of Short Life Stories (Paperback)

Dead Babies 3: A Series Of Short Life Stories By Brad Gosse Cover Image
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Marcus died in a game of William Tell. This baby died when the refrigerator fell. Fabian had a bottle go through his head. Skippy was rotting when they found him long dead. This baby died with a pencil through his eye. Hooked and speared like a fish. That's how Chad died. Baby buzzsaw was this kids nickname. Death by shark is how Becky's life was claimed. Simon fell down and cracked open his head. Hazardous chemicals killed little Fred. Evan was found decapitated. Sam was poisoned by one of his haters. Felix was chewed up by his pet alligator. Hunter was frozen solid deep inside the ice. Paul was given a Canadian necktie. Tommy got zapped when he put his finger in a socket. This baby carried a lighter in per pocket. Don't even axe me what happened to Drake. Christine was hugged too hard by her pet snake.
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ISBN: 9798578558320
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 9th, 2020
Pages: 32
Language: English