Parenting Adult Children: How to Communicate Better with Your Grown Son or Daughter (Paperback)

Parenting Adult Children: How to Communicate Better with Your Grown Son or Daughter Cover Image
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So, let's say that your twenty-two years old just came back from college and is hoping to pass a few months with you. But what happens if he is 26 and just lost his job, and came back to your place hoping to stay there until he puts himself together again? Dealing with this kind of situation can be very challenging for parents. Whether the child is 21 and never wanted to go to school for months or older and still staying at home, there is a lot of adjustments you have to do as a parent to get along. Most times, we ask ourselves as parents, how are we to manage the financial aspect? How will you manage the train before asking them to contribute? Also, what about cleaning the house? What if they do not want to abide by the rules? How long should we stay patient?

Parenting adult children can be three times easier than you thought it to be. It all depends on your approach.

What are the challenges you face in parenting your adult child? How easy has the journey been?

Well, whether rocky as a mountain, or as plain as milk, you will always need the ideas in this book to have a better relationship with your grown-up child.

In this book you will learn:

- Parenting strategies to adopt for kids at twenty-something
- What to tell your grown children when they become adults
- How to release your grown-up child
- How to handle your adult children when they ignore you-
Emergency tactics when your grown-up child makes a wrong decision
- How to handle your child's poor decision
- How to manage disrespect from your adult child
- Bonding with your disrespectful adult kid
- How to prepare your children for marriage

This book is written by a parent who has been there and done that. Dive right into it by clicking on 'Buy Now with 1-Click', and Get Your Copy.

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ISBN: 9798550542903
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 20th, 2020
Pages: 78
Language: English