Importance of Arts & Humanities (Paperback)

Importance of Arts & Humanities By Vanshikha Mahana (Joint Author), Akanksha Malayia (Joint Author) Cover Image
By Vanshikha Mahana (Joint Author), Akanksha Malayia (Joint Author)
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The academic disciplines of the arts, humanities, and social sciences are together conformed to a group referred to as Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences" (HASS). The arts, social sciences and humanities help us comprehend how the world is evolving, how it affects us, and how we change it. The foundation of both art and social sciences is the study of human activity through distinct fields including economics, sociology, geography, history, social studies, etc. It was necessary that social studies cover how people interact with their physical and social contexts. As a result, social studies teachers need information from all of the different disciplines and topic areas covered in the school's curriculum as well as from any other type of human experience. Arts, humanities, and social sciences study politics, history, sociology, criminology, literature, media, and social welfare as they relate to human culture and society. In today's world of rapid change, these courses will assist you in developing the critical and creative thinking abilities, problem-solving abilities, research and analysis skills, and communication abilities needed for a number of occupations in a range of sectors. As science and technology have evolved, man's attempts to influence his surroundings have also undergone a number of different experiences. For this reason, social studies also looks outside of the social sciences to gather and apply data to develop a greater understanding of people and their surroundings. In order to promote economic recovery and self-reliance, this essay analyses the nature of social sciences, the arts, and the connection between social studies and social science education.
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