chistân-e àbolhol (Hardcover)

chistân-e àbolhol By Robab Moheb Cover Image
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After Arvand's death, Sayeh (Atrisa) sells the country house and moves to Arvand's small flat in one of the western parts of Stockholm. Sayeh's love for his wife does not end with her death. On the contrary, it appears that death is the beginning of thinking and reflection, the beginning of being freed from oneself and from one's intellectual cocoons. In other words, Sayeh's love for his wife is one of his inner levers, which poetically expresses all his hopes and disappointments and becomes the cause of his movement and dynamism.

Sayeh's simplistic view of poetry and poets, which was evident in the long story "Out of the Circle," loses its color here. Poets are no longer prophetic beings who send visionary and poetic messages to their readers from the sky of poetry. On the other hand, the passing of time and its small and large results is a pure fact. When time passes, not only the skin, veins, and bones take grooves, but also the soul. Desperation and confusion drag Sayeh into the virtual world. In this false world, people turn themselves into invisible sphinxes. Borrowing traits from a metaphorical lion and two eagle-like wings, they want to embody the sun, just like the legendary giant of Egypt once did. However, behind the virtual curtains, only false stories and anecdotes bear fruit.

"Chistan-e Abolhol" is the second volume of a trilogy that deals with the role of the cyber world in the literary society, the relations of poets and writers within and outside the country's borders. The first volume was published under the title "Out of the Circle" in 2020.

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ISBN: 9789180306836
ISBN-10: 9180306837
Publisher: L'Aleph
Publication Date: May 14th, 2023
Pages: 240
Language: Persian