The Courage to Feel: A Practical Guide to the Power and Freedom of Emotional Honesty (Paperback)

The Courage to Feel: A Practical Guide to the Power and Freedom of Emotional Honesty By Andrew Seubert, Marc Rubin (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Andrew Seubert, Marc Rubin (Illustrator)
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NEW: second edition published in 2021

"Emotions are complex things. They can make life hell or make it sweet. So, here's a question: do you have emotions or do emotions have you? Andrew Seubert's The Courage to Feel can help you to have emotions and make your life rich and workable. It's short, easy to understand and very powerful." -- BILL O'HANLON, AUTHOR OF DO ONE THING DIFFERENT

Many people live partial lives, keeping their vitality under emotional mufflers and living life without ever feeling like an adult. The Courage to Feel delivers a pragmatic, creative and inspiring four-step path to emotional mastery and freedom that explores the hidden wealth of guidance and wisdom available through our emotions. Each chapter includes anecdotes, applications and exercises to anchor the teachings along with the charming allegory of Simon the Turtle who must leave his shell to follow his heart is woven throughout the book.

Based on the authors 25+ years' experience with thousands of clients, this book will launch you on a journey that leads to personal freedom, happier marriages, improved work relationships, and deeper spirituality.

About the Author

Marc Rubin is an oil painter, award-winning graphic designer, and avid doodler from Elmira, New York. An accomplished artist, he is best known for his soul-full, still-life renderings that pique viewers' imaginations, invoking curiosity about the stories behind the objects represented in layers of paint, seen as magical pools of light. Similar to the traditional Dutch painters Vermeer and Rembrandt, Rubin finds inspiration everywhere he looks, his paintings relaying relationships between everyday objects. Through his skillful use of technique and brush manipulation, Rubin pushes and nudges paint into sensual and emotionally charged renderings. His work has been featured in art galleries on the East and West coast. Over the last few years, Marc has explored a visual form of storytelling--doodle illustrations digitally rendered. This form has taken his drawings to new and, at times, satirical heights, flooded with the delightful colors of a digital palette.
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ISBN: 9781950057061
ISBN-10: 1950057062
Publisher: Unhooked Books
Publication Date: August 31st, 2021
Pages: 197
Language: English