Life Changing Events: Who We Are Now (Paperback)

Life Changing Events: Who We Are Now Cover Image
By Basil B. Clark, Karen Stone (Designed by)
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A collection of interviews conducted by a former soldier who himself experienced life-changing events in Vietnam. Forty-five stories feature individuals who recount the aftermath of life changing events in their lives. They tell how these changes affected them, and what the results have been. Issues addressed are losses, abuse, inner and/or outer woundings, or other events, negative and positive. The honest and inspirational compilation looks at pathways people have traveled as they ask, "Since the eventful turning point, who am I now?"

A Paradox that comes through the stories is, where the individuals experienced negative life changing events, they were able to discover and embrace the positives that were direct consequences of the initial event. As Basil B. Clark wrote in his book War Wounded: Let the Healing Begin, "In our diversity of experiences we find just how much we have in common."

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ISBN: 9781947589445
ISBN-10: 194758944X
Publisher: Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2021
Pages: 256
Language: English