Voices of Freedom: Contemporary Writing From Ukraine (Paperback)

Voices of Freedom: Contemporary Writing From Ukraine By Kateryna Kazimirova (Editor), Daryna Anastasieva (Editor) Cover Image
By Kateryna Kazimirova (Editor), Daryna Anastasieva (Editor)
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Award-winning Ukrainian Writers featured in this riveting and evocative collection of prose, poetry, essays, and photos.

Voices of Freedom: Contemporary Writing From Ukraine is a collection of Ukrainian writing that aims to introduce the English-speaking world to some of the most iconic living writers whose work is shaping contemporary Ukraine. These are leading intellectuals and moral authorities for the Ukrainian people, whose voices and opinions have helped to synchronize the internal compasses of Ukrainian society in the struggle for the freedom of their country. Through poetry, short stories, and essays, this collection demonstrates that the desire for freedom and the struggle to achieve it is a theme that cuts across generations of Ukrainian writers, and is a central preoccupation of Ukrainian society.

This collection demonstrates the unique style and artistry of contemporary Ukrainian literature over the past 50 years. The curated poetry is an instant reaction to the events taking place today, which speaks directly to this current moment and the national psyche. The short stories sensitize readers to Ukraine's indivisible history and the present. These are accounts of the memory of generations, choices and transitions, self-irony, friendship, love, and the powerful significance of home. These stories and novellas represent a single continuous story showing the paths, lives, and values of the Ukrainian people who have amazed the world with their courage. The essays showcase the voices of contemporary Ukrainian intellectuals, providing analysis and reflection on what is happening in the present, showing historical connections and parallels, and shedding light on the origins and triggers of the war on a mental level.

The collection that follows is the story of Ukraine, in the voice of Ukrainians.

Proceeds from the sale of this collection will support the cultural community and humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, namely Razom for Ukraine or Hospitallers Medical Battalion.

"Voices of Freedom: Contemporary Writing From Ukraine is a brilliant introduction to a literary tradition long overlooked in America. By presenting a mosaic of perspectives, experiences, and forms, this volume showcases the depth, diversity, and resistance of the culture Putin seeks to erase. It's hard to imagine a more politically urgent literary project."

- Anthony Marra, the New York Times bestselling author of The Tsar of Love and Techno and A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

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