Defy the Darkness: A Story of Suicide, Mental Health, and Overcoming Your Hardest Battles (Paperback)

Defy the Darkness: A Story of Suicide, Mental Health, and Overcoming Your Hardest Battles Cover Image
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On August 12th, 1996, Dylan Sessler found himself facing the hardest moment of his life at just 6 years old. The unexpected trauma of loss broke the innocent nature of his childhood and left behind an unending storm of confusion, pain, and hard truths in its wake. Defy the Darkness is a raw account of how Dylan processed his way through his trauma and offers guidance on how others can do the same.

This book was written to discuss the things people have always been afraid to talk about. From depression and PTSD to grief and suicide, this book dives headfirst into the taboo nature of mental health and delivers a path forward that few have been able to describe. Now as a Mental Health Coach, Dylan himself is able to reach into a place of human consciousness and deliver reality in a way that clarifies the pain, informs with perspective, and develops a clear sense of purpose in the face of some of the hardest questions life has to offer.

Fun Facts: Dylan wrote 90% of Defy the Darkness in the first months of the Covid-19 shutdown while also posting daily on Tik Tok. His social media presence alone helped hundreds of thousands of people keep fighting for life. From zero to nearly half a million followers in just 18 months, Dylan is a walking paradox as an introvert and influencer. He wrote this book to show others the things he wished he had understood growing up.

If you want to support Dylan, please leave a review once you have finished so others may see the value this book offers. Don't forget to find Dylan on social media @Dylan_Sessler to keep up-to-date with his new ventures.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737286103
ISBN-10: 1737286106
Publisher: Invictus Development Group LLC
Publication Date: July 17th, 2021
Pages: 200
Language: English