Break the Chains of Smoking: How to Escape the Mental and Emotional Prison That Keeps You Addicted (Paperback)

Break the Chains of Smoking: How to Escape the Mental and Emotional Prison That Keeps You Addicted By Todd Goodwin Cover Image
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Did you realize that you can quit smoking without:

- Relying on willpower or medications that don't work?
- Nicotine cravings or painful withdrawal symptoms?
- Constant struggle, increased stress, or weight gain?

If you're skeptical, then get ready to expand your mind. This eye-opening book reveals the essential knowledge that you need to stop smoking, including:

- False beliefs that cause you to stay addicted.
- Common relationship dynamics that can sabotage you.
- Hidden pitfalls that ruin most smoking cessation attempts.
- How a smoker's psychological makeup supports the habit.
- Nutritional recommendations that make quitting much easier.
- A proven mind-body action plan to stop smoking for good.

Based upon Todd Goodwin's years of experience as a hypnotist and supported by dozens of scientific studies, this book challenges the limitations of mainstream medicine, exposes harmful misconceptions about quitting smoking, and explores critical factors like mindset, relationships, nutrition, alcohol consumption, secondary gain, emotional stress, and self-worth.

Are you ready to free yourself? It's time to Break the Chains of Smoking.

From the Publisher

As a veteran hypnotist, Todd Goodwin has seen what works and what doesn't work. In "Break the Chains of Smoking," you won't read the same old story that is offered on medical websites or in smoking cessation support materials. Instead, you will discover powerful insights, both compelling and controversial, that are distilled from his years of direct work with clients and are supported by clinical research. Filled with unconventional wisdom, this clear and concise book strongly questions the outdated, biochemical view of nicotine addiction and smoking cessation that has largely failed smokers for decades. Todd Goodwin's candid and bold exploration of the mentality of the smoker and the mind-body nature of the smoking habit is a must-read for anyone who is serious about quitting and wants an advocate who is both tough and supportive.

About the Author

Todd Goodwin, M.S., BCH, FNGH has earned the designation of Board Certified Fellow by the National Guild of Hypnotists, a distinction shared by only one in 500 hypnotists. He has a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science from Washington University in St. Louis and a master's degree in Nutrition and Health Promotion from Simmons University, and he has been certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP or neurolinguistic programming. Since founding the Miami Hypnosis Center (now Goodwin Hypnosis) in 2007, Todd has helped thousands of clients to overcome their emotional and behavioral challenges by changing how they think. His successful strategy has been to identify and resolve the root causes of those problems, instead of merely treating the symptoms. His mission is to inspire people to "wake up" and experience healthier and more fulfilling lives.
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ISBN: 9781733070713
ISBN-10: 1733070710
Publisher: Laughing Coyote Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: May 31st, 2020
Pages: 86
Language: English