War and Peace (Paperback)

War and Peace By Leo Tolstoy, Daniel H. Shubin (Translator) Cover Image
By Leo Tolstoy, Daniel H. Shubin (Translator)
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This volume is a new translation of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, for the American reader, by Daniel H. Shubin. For War and Peace to have the recognition of the greatest historical-fiction novel ever composed is an understatement, as it does not include its aspect of the philosophy of history provided by Tolstoy in regard to the conflicts and wars between France and Russia, and Napoleon's invasion of Russia and retreat. It is equally entertaining as it delves into Russian traditions, home life, adventure, love, ambition romantic manipulation, and the responsibility of parents and landlords. the aristocracy and the peasantry. In addition is the incorporation of Tolstoy's Christian humanist philosophy by using several characters of the novel as his mouthpiece. Individual agonies of the difficulty of dealing with life's issues in so many aspects is included in almost each chapter. Likewise there is hardly an event or scenario that does not deal with some facet of personal success or happiness, and death and its impact on others, the failure of relationships, and hope that provides perseverance for the future. Especially noticeable is Tolstoy's ability to allow some random event to affect lives and situations.
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Publication Date: June 30th, 2020
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