Number Nuggets in the King James Holy Bible: Six, the number of 'Man' (Paperback)

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The number SIX is the number for 'Man', In Genesis chapter 6 the word "man" appears six times; the sixth book of the bible is the name of a man; Joshua: (6 letters) with 24 chapters (a multiple of six), the word "Joshua" is the same word "Jesus" in the N.T. oddly enough the sixth book of the N.T. is Romans (6 letters) and in Romans 6:6 the sixth word is "man", just a coincidence? I trow not The word mankind appears 6x in the bible; 3 in OT, 3in NT.The 18th (3x6) use of the word "man" in the book of Romans is found in Romans 6:6. The word "man" is the sixth word in the verse in Romans exactly 6 times; Romans 2:1; 2:3; 2:6; 3:28; 5:7; 6:6; The number of the Antichrist found in Revelation 13:18 (13+666) is Six Hundred threescore and six or (666). This is the super villainous man at his most corrupt state who we see fighting against the very one who created him. If you add the numbers together from 1 to 36 (6x6); (1+2+3+4... etc.) the total will equal to the number of the Antichrist; 666.The number 6 (man) is joined at the hip with the number 13 which is associated with "rebellion, sin, wicked-ness, evil and the such like" (see 13:13 and comments). In Genesis 1:26 the words "US and OUR" define the makeup of God as a trinity, we know him as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost it is not 1+1+1=3 BUT it is 1x1x1=1. Man is also a triune being made after the image of God we have a body, soul and spirit, see 1st Thessalonians 5:23.The word "Adam", the first man, appears 6 times (number of man) in chapter 2, and a total of 18 (3x6) times in the entire book of Genesis. The word "man" appears 12 times (2x6) in chapter 2.The gestation period to bear a child is 9 months, that is 36 (6x6) weeks up to 42 (6x7) weeks a total of 270 (6x45) days or 294 (6x49) days.The word "mankind" appears 6 times in the scripture.Genesis 2:9 This is the first use of the word 'evil' in scripture, it appears 18 (3x6) x in Gen. The word 'evil' appears 613 times in the bible, 6 is the number of 'man', 13 is the number for 'rebellion'. The Rabbis claim that there are 613 laws in the Torah, that is fitting seeing that 6 is the number for fallen man, and 13 is the number of 'rebellion'. 613 is the 112th prime number. 112/6=18.66666666666667.All words with evil in the word: evil, evildoer, evildoers, evilfavourdness, and evils appears 637 time in the bible. 637 is 7 x 7 x 13Genesis 2:19, the first use of the name "Adam" (his name means "red, human, and man") it appears 18 (3x6 - six is the number of man) times in Genesis and a total of 6 times in chapter 2. The name 'Adam' appears 30 (5x6, death times man) times total in the bible.Genesis 2:23, The sixth (number for man) mention of the name Adam is here presented with his new bride whom he calls "Woman" literally mankind with a womb; because she was taken out of the capital "M" Man. In Eph 5:30 we are bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. At the 6th mention of Adam we also have "wom-an, her, she and Man" this makes up all of mankind and these two can reproduce all of the other mankind in the world. Not two men and not two women but a man and a woman and they are the only entities that can reproduce another complete human being. The sons of God who left their first estate (Jude verse "6") and cohabited with women in Gen. "6" created a race of beings that were genetic mutants, giants who were both human and spirit probably born without a soul (just speculation on my part).
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