The Last Tales of the Shadowmen 20: Fin de Siecle (Paperback)

The Last Tales of the Shadowmen 20: Fin de Siecle By Jean-Marc Lofficier (Editor), Randy Lofficier (Editor) Cover Image
By Jean-Marc Lofficier (Editor), Randy Lofficier (Editor)
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stories by Jason Scott Aiken, Tim Newton Anderson, Jean-Michel Archaimbault, Matthew Baugh, Atom Mudman Bezecny, Thom Brannan, Nathan Cabaniss, Bill Cunningham, Matthew Dennion, Paul Di Filippo, Brian Gallagher, John Gallagher, Martin Gately, Lex Gil, Micah S. Harris, Travis Hiltz, Riley Hogan, Matthew Ilseman, Rick Lai, Roman Leary, Sean Lee Levin, Jean-Marc Lofficier, David McDonald, Rod McFadyen, Nigel Malcolm, Xavier Maum jean, William Patrick Maynard & Anna Victoria Maynard, Jess Nevins, Christofer Nigro, John Peel, Neil Penswick, Anthony Perconti, Dennis E. Power, Pete Rawlik & Sal Ciano, Josh Reynolds, Chris Roberson, Robert L. Robinson, Jr., Frank Schildiner, Artikel Unbekannt, Nathalie Vidalinc and David L. Vineyard.

essays & reminiscences by Stephen R. Bissette, Neil Gaiman, Stuart Gelzer, Robin Hobb, Stephen Jones, K.A. Laity, Randy Lofficier, Tim Lucas, Frank J. Morlock, Kim Newman, Sharan Newman, Henry Lion Oldie, David J. Schow, Michael Shreve, John Skipp, Brian Stableford, Antifas de Torquemada, Rob Walton, Lance Weiler, Douglas E. Winter and Thomas Yeates.

This 20th-and yes, final-tome of Tales of the Shadowmen is, as befits a 20 year-old series, a very special volume, collecting all new stories by many of our past and present collaborators, as well as personal reminiscences by illustrious authors about the role or influence that French fiction might have played in their creative lives.

During its existence, Tales of the Shadowmen is proud to have introduced unknown classics of French popular literature to the English-speaking public, including the nefarious Black Coats, Doc Ardan, Doctor Omega, Felifax, Harry Dickson, Madame Palmyre, the Nyctalope, S r Dubnotal, the Vampire City, and many more, in addition to keeping legendary pulp heroes such as Ars ne Lupin, Captain Nemo, Fant mas, Judex, the Phantom of the Opera, Robur and Rouletabille, in the limelight.

In this volume, writers from Australia, Canada, England, France, Ukraine and the United States pay homage to all those great detectives and master villains who enchanted our adolescence with a smorgasbord of tasty tales that span all of Earth's history-and beyond.

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ISBN: 9781649322654
ISBN-10: 1649322658
Publisher: Hollywood Comics
Publication Date: December 1st, 2023
Pages: 668
Language: English