Simple Small Talk: An Everyday Social Skills Guidebook for Introverts on How to Lose Fear and Talk to New People. Including Hacks, Questi (Hardcover)

Simple Small Talk: An Everyday Social Skills Guidebook for Introverts on How to Lose Fear and Talk to New People. Including Hacks, Questi By Gerard Shaw Cover Image
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Become a Master of Small Talk and Great First Impressions

According to recent sociological research, an average person interacts with approximately fifty thousand people throughout their life. The number is even higher if you live in a big city and only represent people you've met face to face. Remember that we live in a digital age, and correspond daily with strangers via emails and social media.

Do you ever wonder what kind of impression you leave on the people you meet? Have you ever been introduced to someone only to run out of things to say after the initial "hello"? Do you struggle with small talk and often find yourself in a "awkward silence" situation?

Luckily, there are methods and techniques you can use to improve your small talk skills, boost your confidence and make a great first impression every time. This book will provide you with a guide on how to use small talk and your body language to establish a connection with a person you're speaking to.

Whenever you meet someone new, you have a certain time window to make a lasting, good impression. Have you ever met someone who made a bad impression on you, and it took you a long time to change your opinion on that person? People tend to judge others based on first impressions. It can be challenging to present the best version of yourself when you only have minutes to do so. It's especially hard if you're an introvert, naturally shy, and struggle with social interactions.

Use this book to improve your communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal, and connect with people to make a memorable impression.

Here's what questions this book answers:

  • How to use small talk to make a great first impression
  • How to overcome fear and shyness in everyday social interactions
  • How to use body language when making small talk to improve the way you present myself
  • What topics to use and what to avoid when making small talk
  • How to initiate a conversation and prolong it
  • What are some of the best conversation starters
  • What methods to use to improve conversational skills
  • How to avoid that awkward silence and keep the conversation going
  • What are some good ways to end the conversation

Even if you're a naturally charismatic, open person who thrives in social interactions, this book will take those skills to the next level. You might have excellent communication skills, but do you know how to read people? Decode their nonverbal signals, observe their body language and respond appropriately? Even if you don't struggle with small talk, you still need this guidebook to help you navigate a conversation and react to any verbal or nonverbal clues the other person might send you.

If you want to establish connection with people you meet, avoid awkward silences, improve conversational skills and stop struggling with social interactions,

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ISBN: 9781647800642
ISBN-10: 1647800641
Publisher: Communication Excellence
Publication Date: March 6th, 2020
Pages: 154
Language: English