Ain't Gonna Be No Stupid Woman: Propelled into Purpose after Narcissistic Abuse (Paperback)

Ain't Gonna Be No Stupid Woman: Propelled into Purpose after Narcissistic Abuse By Amy Perras Cover Image
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You'd fully expect them to fly like an eagle, but they're only a duck. During the love-bombing phase, you'll find them charming and engaging, but their deep wounds will ultimately manifest in their behavior by the time you're already hooked. Many narcissists, like ducks, always seem to be in control on the surface, but they're paddling very furiously underneath the water due to their deep-seated insecurities; the longer you stay, the more you damage yourself. Narcissists know exactly what they are doing, and instead of fixing themselves, they break you too; they rape your soul...until duck hunting season ensues.From the first-ever narcissist I met, who took my virginity, to the one who raped me during the confrontation over his cheating, to the one who mocked me for wanting to connect emotionally rather than social media fake it, I have found a common theme: they just want to use you while depleting your energy. Your relationship with them may be toxic from the beginning yet it's like a spider's web as the trauma bond entangles you. So, if you're a woman like me or even a woman in this world of narcissistic men, this book will help you spot those ducks, learn about their behavior patterns, and equip you with the tools to fight back. It will set you free. For men too, who want to change and avoid becoming a victim of this duck hunting season, I have the solution.Amy is a witty thinker, dynamic teacher, and public speaker who ignites innovation and facilitates change in you or your organization.

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ISBN: 9781631291845
ISBN-10: 163129184X
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: July 4th, 2020
Pages: 154
Language: English