Healthier Homes: A Blueprint for Creating a Toxin-Free Living Environment (Paperback)

Healthier Homes: A Blueprint for Creating a Toxin-Free Living Environment By Jen Stout, Rusty Stout Cover Image
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Most of us spend 90 percent of our time indoors, but our indoor environments could be causing us significant harm. Everything from flooring to paints to insulation contains chemicals known to contribute to health problems such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

In this book, Jen and Rusty Stout, nationally recognized healthy home building innovators, teach you how to think like a builder so that you can construct a new home or upgrade an existing one to put wellness first. Making smart choices when it comes to building materials, moisture protection, and more can make all the difference in reducing your family’s exposure to toxins and living a healthier life.

Whether you are a home buyer, a homeowner working with a professional builder, a building contractor, or a DIY-er, Healthier Homes walks you through key considerations such as
  • Site selection
  • Designing a living space that meets your family’s unique needs
  • Material choices for the exterior and interior
  • Air and water quality
  • Sourcing home furnishings and finishes
  • Existing home upgrades
  • Mold remediation

About the Author

Jen Stout
Jen Stout holds a BA in journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. When she discovered that her chronic health issues were the result of toxic black mold, she set out to build one of the first truly healthy homes using mainstream modern-day building materials. She was the executive director of the Hill Country Builders Association in central Texas when she met Rusty, and together they founded JS2 Partners. Since then, they have become nationally recognized leaders in healthy home building and construction best practices.

Rusty Stout
Rusty Stout brings twenty-plus years of home building experience to JS2 Partners. He was president of the Hill Country Builders Association’s board of directors and is a member of the Texas Association of Builders and the National Association of Home Builders. He serves as a building trades education mentor for high school students and is an authorized OSHA trainer and NASP Safety Inspections Technician. He also holds a Project Management Professional designation from Park University and is a licensed Realtor® in the state of Texas.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781628604450
ISBN-10: 162860445X
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Publication Date: September 27th, 2022
Pages: 320
Language: English