The Baby King Must Die! (Paperback)

The Baby King Must Die! By Robert W. Fuller Cover Image
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Alcoholism. Drug Abuse. These are only two addictions that plague alcoholics and drug addicts on a regular basis that destroy their lives, not to mention lack of hygiene, nutrition, medical attention and sleep deprivation. But what about the unfortunate people who are thrust into relationships with the drug addict and alcoholic? In Robert W. Fuller's new and insightful book, The 'Baby King' Must Die, he provides addicts, counselors, and laypeople deeper insight into the already complicated lives of addicts: these selfish brains that produce the erratic behaviors that cannot be turned off with demands, threats, or pleadings. Moms, dads, friends, relatives and addicts themselves will laugh, cry, and be angry when identifying with the everyday life-and-death struggles in which addicts recklessly and ruthlessly involve themselves and significant others. Addicts certainly may not like what they read here, but moms and dads, significant others, police officers, attorneys, judges, and chemical dependence counselors know that what is said here is the gut-wrenching truth about addicts and addiction-like it or not Robert W. Fuller was born in an era when the town drunk was simply laughed at as a comic spectacle. An era when the police seldom arrested the drunk driver and dropped the charges if they were; a time similar to Mayberry, Andy, Barney and the good old boys society. Times, laws, and statistics have changed, but not the alcoholic and addict. Robert (Bob) Fuller started drinking alcoholically at age 12, became an ordained minister at age 21, a full-blown alcoholic at age 34, and a Chemical Dependency Counselor from age 45 to the present. His book, The Baby King Must Die often reflects his own life as seen in the strange behaviors of addicts depicted here in sometimes explicit "scientific street talk." Bob Fuller received a B.A. degree from Abilene Christian University, a M.Ed. from North Texas University and is a LCDC.
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ISBN: 9781604770629
ISBN-10: 1604770627
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: December 5th, 2007
Pages: 540
Language: English