Egypt: An Extraterrestrial and Time Traveler Experiment (Paperback)

Egypt: An Extraterrestrial and Time Traveler Experiment By Bruce Goldberg Cover Image
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This book is a sequel to Dr. Goldberg's Time Travelers From Our Future, and depicts the significance of Hermes, the very first time traveler, on both Egypt's development and our planet's heritage. According to Dr. Goldberg, the Egyptian civilization evolved from four sources: Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis, ETs and time travelers. Although technologically a successful civilization, spiritually Egypt was a failure. The time traveler's role in supervising Egypt's development and attempting to correct many of the mistakes brought on by ETs is emphasized. The construction of the Pyramid of Giza via anti-gravity flying crafts and detailed past life regressions of Dr. Goldberg's patients who lived in ancient Egypt and were abducted by these ETs makes this book a fascinating read.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781579680176
ISBN-10: 1579680178
Publisher: Bruce Goldberg, Inc.
Publication Date: July 3rd, 2007
Pages: 176
Language: English