Quit Smoking in 2 Weeks: Latest QS2W Method, Easiest Method with Highest Success rate (Paperback)

Quit Smoking in 2 Weeks: Latest QS2W Method, Easiest Method with Highest Success rate By Shahriar Mostafa Cover Image
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We all know the dangers of smoking and deep down every smoker wants to quit. Most of us have tried previously to kick the habit. But it's difficult, the urge is unbearable, withdrawal symptoms are painful and most of the time after few days we relapse back to smoking. Do we lack the willpower or mental strength to quit? The answer is NO. Every one of us has the willpower and enough mental strength to be successful in quitting. What we need is a Perfect Method. An updated method that works on physical and psychological addiction to Nicotine. This New Method described in this book is called "Quit Smoking in 2 Weeks" or QS2W method. It works on both physical and psychological dependency to cigarettes. Dr. Shahriar Mostafa has worked for 5 years to develop this method. Thousands of people are happy with its success. Studies show QS2W method has 97% success in 1st try and only 7.2% relapse rate in 1 year. This Method Works. On the plus side This method is easy to follow Does not hamper your daily schedule Does not involve any medicine or supplements. It reduces the withdrawal effects to almost nonexistent level Prevent relapse Minimizes the craving Minimal weight gain From this book, you will learn Everything about nicotine addiction Why it is so difficult to quit Dangers of smoking Benefits of quitting How to reduce withdrawal symptoms How to cope with cravings How to be smoking free all your life For very few resistant smokers ( Less than 3%) this book includes information Vape or E-cigarette as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). The book is priced less than a pack of cigarettes, so give it a try. It will be the best buy of your life. Try it and be Smoke-free forever.
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