Dear Soul: Love After Pain (Paperback)

Dear Soul: Love After Pain By Sylvester McNutt III Cover Image
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We live in a generation that lacks authenticity, honesty, and empathy. We do not understand each other or each other's struggles as human beings. Today, my culture needs more love and understanding than ever before. We need more healing, growing, and development than ever before.Our souls are being killed by technology, expectation, and separation. Dear Soul is my attempt at laying the groundwork for recovery, healing, and moving forward. Dear Soul is my journey journal written in conversationalist tone, a very intimate, introspective style of poetry, and it shows the twisted romantic observations of the world, which we have all seen.This book connects to every human because it is based on finding love after pain. Pain is something that is common to each of our stories. Let's be honest-how many of us are still suffering from incidents from our childhood? When we struggle in life, the problem is not the problem. The problem is not having adequate solutions or resources to really move forward from the stresses.Dear Soul is the ultimate book to help you take an introspective look inside to uncover a deeper connection with self and a deeper scope for possible solutions for any type of pain.As a writer, my style has been dubbed "visionary poetry," and my purpose is to combine observations, poetry, and persuasive logic. My only goal is to cause an intense amount of thought or reflection inside of each reader. I do not put my words together to be "right." Right and wrong are relative and based on a person's perception and experience. The user who will get the most from this book is one who will relate to the topics that are relevant to his or her personal growth. The other user is someone who will step outside of his or her bubble and understand another's struggle. Once you can holistically understand another person's struggle, then you have activated empathy, and I believe that empathy is the most important quality missing from our culture.Once you have a culture of people who understand each other, are comfortable with self, and able to communicate effectively, then you raise the vibration of the entire world with that energy.We sit inside of our bubbles and internalize the pain of everything that happens to us, but we don't align with our struggles or successes. I am genuinely happy when I see people succeed at something they've worked for. I am able to share the joy as if it were my own accomplishment. I am able to feel the pain of a woman who doesn't feel comfortable walking down the street at night alone. No, I have never been a woman, but I have listened to those stories and tried to put myself there. Let's just be honest. This generation does not talk about sex, race, or pain from our childhood.We ignore those topics and we ignore self-love. I never heard the word self-love when I was growing up. As a child, I also didn't hear the word love much. I went on several spiritual journeys in my early twenties to discover the deepest version of self. What I present to you here is a continuation of the journey. I am happy, I am healed, and I am as healthy as I can be. Today, I am sharing a spiritual, emotional, and health journey with you inside of these lines.
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ISBN: 9781511895644
ISBN-10: 1511895640
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 4th, 2015
Pages: 176
Language: English