The Science of Golf: The Math, Technology, and Data (Paperback)

The Science of Golf: The Math, Technology, and Data By Will Haskett Cover Image
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The perfect gift for golf enthusiasts of all experience levels!
In The Science of Golf, seasoned sports broadcaster Will Haskett examines the science behind the beloved sport of golf. The author covers topics like the swing, the body, the mind, the equipment, the agronomy of the course, analytics, and much more. Haskett explains what makes the ball fly, how different swings can accomplish the same result, why different playing fields impact each shot, and how a rapid improvement in technology has made the sport easier and more accessible. With insight from industry experts, sports scientists, and some of golf’s best minds, this book may surprise golf gurus and science geeks alike! 

About the Author

Will Haskett has spent his career  in front of the camera and behind the microphone as a sports play-by-play announcer and host. He has also written for golf websites, including Golf News Net. Haskett resides in Indianapolis.

Praise For…

“The past two decades have produced an explosion of scientific results that have increased our understanding of golf.  These results aren’t just of academic interest.  Players have used this new science to gain competitive edges, both on and off the golf course, because incremental advantages lead to lower scores and can make the difference between winning and losing.  In the Science of Golf, Will Haskett gives a clear and engaging account of the most important advances in technology, equipment, fitness, the mental game, statistics, strategy, and more.  Highly recommended!” – Mark Broadie, author of Every Shot Counts

“Will does a fantastic job of explaining what can be a complicated subject very simply. If you’re a golf nerd like me who likes the nuts and bolts, or someone who just wants to understand the general secret sauce that makes a modern-day PGA Tour player, this book provides great insight. Dare I say, it might even improve your own game.” – Arron Oberholser, Golf Channel analyst and former PGA TOUR player 

“I appreciate how Will Haskett looks at the game. Anyone can recite cold, hard statistics, but it takes a true knowledge of the numbers, and the game, to draw a story out of them, and that’s what Will does. Will uses the analytics to complement his storytelling, not replace it.” – Sean Martin, Lead, Editorial, PGATOUR.COM
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ISBN: 9781510771857
ISBN-10: 1510771859
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Pages: 192
Language: English