Look Into My Eyes: How To Use Hypnosis To Bring Out The Best In Your Sex Life (Paperback)

Look Into My Eyes: How To Use Hypnosis To Bring Out The Best In Your Sex Life By Peter Masters Cover Image
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Here's a practical, no nonsense guide to using hypnosis in your sex life. Hypnosis can help you lower inhibitions, and increase sexual feelings and responsiveness. It can also be used to help you get more out of your role-playing and fantasies. And it can be a lot of fun. In this book, Peter Masters takes you firstly through a step-by-step guide to hypnotising your partner, and then explores how you can use hypnosis to: - Heighten their sexual feelings - Help them focus and stay involved longer - Create compelling sexual fantasies - Help them get more involved in your role-playing - Give effective posthypnotic suggestions to your partner which they'll respond to after your hypnosis session is over The second half of the book is packed with practical examples and hypnosis scripts which you can use straight from the book, or which you can adapt and modify to suit you and your partner.

About the Author

PETER MASTERS is primarily a teacher, sports instructor, computer geek and writer. He has been interested in hypnosis since his early teens. To make sure he fully appreciated it and got it "right" he studied for and achieved a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy by the time he was 20. Although these days he doesn't directly use his qualification in any of his professional activities, he still tries to keep his hand in, and to stay in touch with the current literature and developments. This book is the result of both research, and of private-life exploration over the last twenty years with a variety of partners. Like most of his projects it started out as a way of finding and filling in the gaps in his own understanding. With any luck he hopes to bring an air of rational understanding and practicality to a topic which has too often been seen as akin to magic.
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ISBN: 9781440449864
ISBN-10: 1440449864
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2008
Pages: 158
Language: English