Hypnobirthing the Original Method (Paperback)

Hypnobirthing the Original Method By R. N. Michelle LeClaire O'Neill Ph. D., Michelle LeClaire O'Neill Cover Image
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HYPNOBIRTHING THE ORIGINAL METHOD Mindful Pregnancy and Easy Labor Using the Leclaire Childbirth Method Through your use of the Leclaire Method you will learn how to: - Change your fears about pregnancy into positive thoughts and actions - Use mind/body techniques to bond with your fetus and enhance the nurturing of your baby - Experience labor and childbirth mindfully as calm, joyous, and pain-free - Establish a healthy and happy beginning for your child Simple strategies to reduce the pain, rekindle the joy, and recognize the power of giving birth The highly successful Leclaire Method - the program for the twenty-first century that incorporates hypnosis and mindfulness helps you experience labor and childbirth calmly, joyously, and painlessly Developed by Michelle Leclaire O Neill, a medical professional and mother, this holistic method draws on both modern science and ancient wisdom to present pregnancy as the glorious, instinctive event it should be. The author's systematic approach gives you back control over your mind and body during childbirth when you may feel it slipping away. Through techniques including self-hypnosis, meditation, massage, and visualization, you learn to ease childbirth jitters, improve bonding between you and your baby, and facilitate your baby's peaceful, painless entry into the world. In addition, the Leclaire Childbirth Method can prevent unhealthy birth weight, ease the transition to breastfeeding, and create the healthiest possible environment for a new life Good for all pregnancies and births (natural, medicated or C section). Michelle Leclaire O Neill, Ph.D., R.N., has worked in psychoneuroimmunology for the past sixteen years. The originator of the Leclaire Childbirth Method, she works from her Mind Body Center and is the mother of three. The Leclaire Method. . . provides women with exactly what they need to know to reclaim their inborn ability to birth normally, joyfully, and easily. 3/4 Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom Wonderful . . . the guide every expectant woman and her partner need to experience the miracle of life. 3/4 Susan Love, M.D., Author of Dr. Susan Love's Hormone Book.
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ISBN: 9780963308719
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Publisher: Papyrus Press
Publication Date: September 5th, 2000
Pages: 276
Language: English