Design a Healthy Home: 100 ways to transform your space for physical and mental wellbeing (Hardcover)

Design a Healthy Home: 100 ways to transform your space for physical and mental wellbeing By Oliver Heath Cover Image
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With indoor air pollution at its worst, and many of us spending more time in our own homes, this interior design guide will help you create calm, social, and comfortable spaces.

Let leading sustainability architect, Oliver Heath, give you all the practical solutions you need to transform your space for physical and mental wellbeing.

Inside the pages of this home decor book, you’ll discover how to detoxify your home by making small changes. It includes: 

   ⃦ 100 tried and tested, research-based design ideas to support your health and wellbeing in even the smallest of spaces
   ⃦ Stylish, fun, and affordable home design tips based on the latest research in sustainable, biophilic design

You're never going to be able to control the environment in the grocery store or your office, but your home is a completely different story. You are in charge of your living space, so why not make it as healthy as can be? Based on the latest evidence and research in wellbeing and biophilic design, this practical guide will show you how to create a restorative and nurturing environment - no matter the size of your space. 

The ideas and solutions included in this book have been devised with easy implementation in mind. Optimize lighting in your home by using reflective surfaces for a brighter space, follow a ventilation checklist to replenish the air in your home and remove pollutants, or unlock the powers of a tech-free bedroom for a better night's sleep. Whatever your budget and whether you rent or own your property, you can use these creative ideas to make your home a sanctuary.

About the Author

Oliver Heath is the founder of Oliver Heath Design Ltd, an architectural and interior design practice focused on delivering health and wellbeing in the built environment. Since 1998 he has presented television shows such as BBC Changing Rooms and BBC DIY SOS. He frequently acts as a media spokesperson for the UK's Department for Energy and Climate Change, WRAP, and the Energy Saving Trust. Oliver also writes regularly for the Guardian, Grand Designs magazine, and House Beautiful.
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ISBN: 9780744038033
ISBN-10: 0744038030
Publisher: DK
Publication Date: August 31st, 2021
Pages: 192
Language: English