The Health and Happiness Handbook (Paperback)

The Health and Happiness Handbook By Danielle Aitken Cover Image
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The aim of this handbook is to demonstrate scientifically-based techniques to create positive change in yourlife; by overcoming the mechanisms that have been responsible for keeping you stuck in old self-defeating patterns and routines, and by providing effective therapeutic tools and techniques, with which to connect to your inner potential to heal both mind and body.Many physical and emotional issuesand health concerns, such as anxiety, depression and even inflammation, to namea few, can be markedly improved just by looking at the patterns and habits youare unwittingly creating with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and repetitivebehaviours each and every day. The key word here is 'unwittingly'. This statement is not about blame; it is abouttaking responsibility. When you begin to entertain the concept that you havemore influence over your immediate outcomes than you ever dreamed possible, youbecome empowered to create potent changes in your life.
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ISBN: 9780648807858
ISBN-10: 0648807851
Publisher: Danielle Aitken
Publication Date: June 18th, 2022
Pages: 130
Language: English