Dax's Big Adventure! (Hardcover)

Dax's Big Adventure! By Danielle Blattner, Jupiters Muse (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Danielle Blattner, Jupiters Muse (Illustrator)
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Danielle is a brand-new mom to her son, Dax. She enjoys spending time outside and lives an active lifestyle. Danielle's married to the love of her life, Tyson, and the family lives in Overland Park, Kansas, with their silly English Bulldog, Ozzie. Although Danielle and Tyson were ready to start a family and planned for a baby, they were unprepared for the news they received when Dax was born. Their son was born with a rare, incurable genetic disorder: Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia Type 8. Doctors have asked the new parents to remain cautiously optimistic, as Dax's time with them on Earth is very limited. The couple did not want to waste any time, so they purchased an RV and set off on a big adventure to show Dax the beauty our world has to offer. Danielle wrote the story from her point of view. She felt that as a mother to a child with special needs, it was her mission to make Dax's story known. Danielle also shares a glimpse of her postpartum experience in hopes that she can help other new moms feel that they aren't alone. Dax brings joy and happiness to the couple's lives and has opened their eyes to what life is all about. Danielle hopes that Dax's story will inspire others to live with gratitude and find sparks of joy in each day. Readers of all ages will enjoy Dax's Big Adventure

Product Details
ISBN: 9780228864097
ISBN-10: 0228864097
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication Date: March 4th, 2023
Pages: 88
Language: English