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..Super Staff Pick

Every month, we pick a title that we believe is deserving of extra attention. The books are available for a 20% discount.


In a Lonely Place
Dorothy B. Hughes


Bookseller Morgan says:  "Dorothy B. Hughes at once follows and ingeniously subverts the conventions of noir in her 1947 novel In a Lonely Place.  Read this if you love language, if you love thrilling page-turners, if you love character studies -- or all of the above.  Read the novel, and then read mystery writer Megan Abbott's incredibly insightful afterword for more on why this, on top of being a truly entertaining genre novel, is also an important classic of feminist literature."

..Our Shared Shelf - Feminist Book Group

Our Shared Shelf is a global, feminist book group, founded by Emma Watson, actress (Hermione in Harry Potter) and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.


The book for November is:

Novelist and cultural critic Roxane Gay writes of being morbidly obese in this absorbing and authentic memoir. Born in Omaha, Nebraska to Haitian immigrant parents, Gay lived a comfortable life in a loving family. After a group of boys raped her when she was 12 years old, Gay's world began to unravel, and she turned to overeating as a way of making her violated body into a fortress.

In this memoir, Gay shares how weight and size shade many topics, including relationships, fashion, food, family, the medical profession, and travel. She boldly confronts society's cruelty toward and denigration of larger individuals (particularly women), its fear of unruly bodies, and the myth that equates happiness with thinness.

The meeting will take place on Saturday, November 25 at 3:30pm. All readers are welcome!

Books for the group are 10% off the month prior to the discussion.


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