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We are a zany, independent (and 100% solar-powered) bookstore. We carry excellent books for all ages plus a large selection of fabulous gifts and cards. Voted Tucson's best independent bookstore by the Tucson Weekly, we are located in Tucson's unique Fourth Avenue shopping district.

Join in on the celebration
Saturday, April 29th, 10am-9pm
at Antigone Books!

10% off everything in the store
plus you can get your stamps.

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..Just In

Anything Is Possible
by Elizabeth Strout

"In Elizabeth Strout's Anything Is Possible a famous author returns to the Midwestern hometown of her childhood, touching off a daisy-chain of stories narrated by those who knew her -- memories of trauma and goodwill, resentments small and large, and the ever-widening gulf between haves and have-nots. Strout, always good, just keeps getting better." -Vogue

"This books is SO good." -Debbie, at Antigone Books


..Our Shared Shelf - Feminist Book Group

Our Shared Shelf is a global, feminist book group, founded by Emma Watson, actress (Hermione in Harry Potter) and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

Books for the group are 10% off the month prior to the discussion.

The next book is:

Women Who Run With the Wolves
by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The meeting will be on Saturday April 29 at 3:30.

All are welcome!


..Super Staff Pick

Every month, we pick a title that we believe is deserving of extra attention. The books are available for a 20% discount via the store, email or the phone.

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

"Is The Handmaid’s Tale a prediction? ...  No, it isn’t a prediction, because predicting the future isn’t really possible: There are too many variables and unforeseen possibilities. Let’s say it’s an antiprediction: If this future can be described in detail, maybe it won’t happen. But such wishful thinking cannot be depended on either."--Margaret Atwood. New York Times Book Review. March 10, 2017

"This novel sets out a terrifying dystopian future that at times is all too reminiscent of aspects of current society. Details of the past are revealed concurrently with present events, creating an intriguing narrative of how the Republic of Gilead came to be. A powerful, albeit at times disturbing, book." --Rachael


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